Bamford Pre-school Survey

Consultation Letter from the Management of

 Bamford Pre-School & Kindergarten.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you that the management of Bamford Pre-school Kindergarten wants to increase its numbers of children to enable a total 45 children from the local area to access the Pre-school’s services.  Before we take the decision to extend the Pre-school, we would like your views about the proposal.

What is being proposed?

We are proposing to build an addition room on to the side of the existing reception class which would increase the total number of children we could accept.

Why do we want to do this?

We can currently accept a total of 48 children on role, however the number of spaces is considerably reduced due to children accessing the 30-hour funding, this prevents us from providing care and education to many children in the local community.  Should we extend the Pre-school provision, this will enable us to offer a maximum of 60.  To date we are already full for September 2021 and have a further 37 children on the waiting list.

What would happen and when?

We are currently looking at costings for the extension, I have a consultation with our building later this month.  We are hopeful that the building could take place over the Summer holidays with full completing by February 2022.  This would enable us to open after the February half term. The admissions would be in accordance with the Admissions Policy of Bamford Pre-school & Kindergarten.  Eventually we will accommodate a maximum of 60 children, both full and part time within the Pre-school.

Should you wish to see a copy of the Admissions Policy please visit

How can I make my views known?

We would love to hear your views regarding the proposal, so if you could complete the slip below and return it to the Pre-school (hand in to the main office at Bamford Academy).  Alternatively, you can send me an email [email protected] to enable us to read your opinion.  Should you have any questions or queries regarding the proposal please either send an email to the above address or telephone/text 07925052135.

The consultation period will last for 5 weeks from 29th March 2021 to 3rd May 2021.

To let us know your thoughts please complete the short survey below.

Please answer the three questions below, thank you

Pre-School Survey April 2021